“What makes a purple belt?” – What should a blue belt concentrate on to become a purple belt?

“A lot of people consider the belt system in jiu-jitsu as an indication of technique or time spent on the mat. And to be sure, there are definitely some standards that everyone could agree on: you shouldn’t be a blue belt if you don’t know how to do an armbar, and you shouldn’t be a black belt after only six months of training. But what many people forget is that your mentality should also undergo a transformation as you gain experience and move up the ranks in jiu-jitsu.

While there are obviously major differences in the mindset of a purple belt and a ten-year black belt, some of the biggest changes that happen in a short amount of time occur — or should occur — between the day you first put on your white belt and the day you get your blue belt. No matter how good your technique is or how long it took you to finally hit that blue benchmark, these things should never happen by the time you get that first major promotion…”

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Article credit: Mark Mullen



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